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SVLAS can help with many legal problems—these are common examples.  Please apply for help even if the situation you have is not listed here

Legal Aid is not allowed to handle some types of legal problems  AND  we simply do not have enough staff to meet all the legal needs in our area.    We do provide legal information and legal advice when possible.  To learn whether or not Legal Aid may be able to help you with your legal problem, click on the appropriate topic below:  We have listed the most common legal problems. If you do not see your legal problem here, or if you are not sure how this applies to you, you should apply for Legal Aid. 




CHILD CUSTODY  - We are limited in the representation we provide in custody cases.  Click CUSTODY to learn more


CHILD SUPPORT - Generally, Legal Aid does not handle child support.  Click CHILD SUPPORT to learn more.


CRIMINAL CASE  DO NOT APPLY.  We  are prohibited from even giving you advice.


DIVORCE  -  We can do divorce cases that meet our requirements.  Click DIVORCE to learn more.


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Apply IMMEDIATELY if you are a victim of domestic violence. Click VIOLENCE to learn more.


HOUSING - If you  are having any problems with the home where you rent or are buying, please apply for service.


ANY OTHER LEGAL PROBLEM -  If you do not see your legal problem on this list, and you have a low-income, please

Click here for examples of legal problems that Legal Aid can help with.






This website has been prepared for general informational purposes only.  The information you see on this website, or by linking to other websites, is not legal advice and cannot replace the advice of an attorney.  Viewing this website, completing an online application, or transmitting any e-mail message to SVLAS does not create an attorney-client relationship.  In fact, unless you are already a client of SVLAS, your online application or e-mail may NOT be protected by attorney-client privilege.  Also please remember that unencrypted e-mail may be intercepted by persons other than the intended recipient.   Legal advice is dependent upon the specific circumstances of each situation.  If you have a legal problem and want to receive legal advice or representation, you should contact an attorney in your area.  If you live in southwestern Virginia, have a low household income, and your problem is one that Legal Aid may be able to assist with  -  please consider applying for legal assistance from SVLAS.